Hi, this a blog is about gundam and others i will do my WIP ,review and many others oh yea i forgot to say about myself i am 13 years old i love gundam , cars and many others .But i love the most is gundam.i start this hobby when i was 11 years old which is 2 years ago . my first gundam that i build was a sd 00 at that time i was into gundam btw i that bought it at a store call porpular is a a book store but……………. after i know all those hobby art gallery  my heartache cause they sell the gundam is cheaper ans after i know some gundam seller my heart even more ache they sell even more cheap so i will share my gundam intrest in this blog!

  1. Aya says:

    No wonder you always say ‘oic’ when talking about price you are so young. well you are very lucky when I was at your age I only can buy like 3 SD kits and a HG every year 😦 .

  2. Luqman Hakim says:

    Nice story you ahve,Btw,do you live in Simei?I ask ya this because you mention that you bought the SD 00 Gundam at Popular.

  3. Nightslash3535 says:

    Where did you come from anyways? If english isn’t your first language, you’re pretty damn good at it.

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