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I today went to ngeekhiong blog

lol!?!?!?!?? btw i am just using a while only a whilehaiz exam next week no mood till next post



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Yo guys i will not be posting anything next few weeks as i got exam oh F..K so that is alll till next post!

NU gundoom WIP 02

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Yo it is been so long guys(long, lol)

lets continue from the last WIP


This is a reply to my friend , MENA and his link

What type of kits do you look for?1.) I will look for all those that is catches my eye.

2.)  Straight Build or Paint?

Well SD i will straight build(only sanguokuden kits) and the rest i will paint it while building it

3) Preferences ?

i will prefer gundam that it has nice detailing and articirculation.

ok that is all forks till next post!!!!!BTW I am a passing gunplankamen rider addict!!!!! rmb that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

NEW LOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Me and my bro went to gundam fiesta today , if you got see my bro blogs he post all the picture there


Nu gundoom(MC model)WIP 01

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Yo it is been a while since i post btw guys the alvalance exia wip 03…………. i  deleted the picture by accident haiz

but nvm i will do a review.OK stop talking about other things so lets go!!!!!