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Posted: October 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

This picture is from a website i lazy to take a picture i get this at Mikelz me and my bro went there to collect some items you guys can see my bro’s LOOTS when he post it btw i also met leon from me and my bro did not expect to met him over there till next post rember i am still passing by kamen rider n gunpla addict




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Yo guys, I will be not buying any kamen rider or gundam for a few months as i buy too many stuff already. I am buying my bro marzz a revoltech blade liger. I also buying myself a SIC decade but have not arrive yet i think………… my exam papers came out and………………….. I fail 2 subject Geograhy and science  and fail quite badly so next year i had to study harder!!!!!!!!!

till next post I am a kamen rider n gunpla addict remember that!!!!


my stop motion

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yo i am back i am just going to show u guys a stop mtoion done by me a few months ago but forgot to share with you guys btw in case you guys did know. i hav a youtube account but i don;t really care about that account. here is it.

so till next post! rmember i am just a kamen rider n gunpla addict!

yup this is fromm my good friend, jonathan

i only do until here asi still need to do some painting which i am not ready  yet btw i am still a kamen rider n gunpla addict remember that!!!!!!! til next post!!!!!!

SD char zaku WIP

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Yo it is been so loooooooong as i said earlier i have exam but iis finally over howver, there is still 1, is art there is no need to revise for that so it is con sider the war has over ok this is not our topic, our topic is SD char zaku