Posted: May 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yo! went to hobby art gallery to take a look, however, it make me buy this……………………….

and this

Btw I got a question, what type paint is this? I need an answer soon as I need to paint my Luna trigger. Till next post!

  1. Aya says:

    the paint type must be written there right enamel,acrylic or lacquer ?

  2. chubbybots says:

    Hmm if i am not mistaken, should be lacquer paint.

  3. Q says:

    1/100 Overflag. Nice~

    After some looking up, the Gundam Color paints are based on the Mr Color GX paints, which seems to be translated as “solvent-based acrylic resin coating” (溶剤系アクリル樹脂塗料). Hope that helps.

  4. bian446 says:

    If only they could make a MG Overflag instead -_-

  5. Luqman Hakim says:

    The paint seems to be lacquer and it’s for the Gundam Colour scheme.

  6. Mena. says:

    It’s pre-mixed Acrylic. But its too thick to apply directly. I’m gonna do a review on this soon anyway.=]

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