Package!!(From HLJ!)

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yo! It been more than a week since I last update due to my examination…………

Anyway, let’s continue with the package! I was expecting it come tomorrow, however, it came today!!!!!!! WOOTS!!!!


HCM Pro dynames is mine(forgot to take picture of it XD) and the rest, robort damashi alvaron, HCM Pro Jagd Doga(Quess paraya) and MSIA G-3 belong to my bro. That’s all guys, I will be reviewing the HCM Pro dynames soon!(after the exams XD) till next post!

  1. Khaidir says:

    WOW that’s a lot of loots alright XD…

  2. Aya says:

    from HLJ sale ? ^^ Nice

  3. rubyvijudai says:

    Is the HCM pro taller or robot damashii taller ?

  4. gundamgunso says:

    Ooo… The Alvaron! That is one kit I wanna get my hands on! XD

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