New loots!(my first SHF)

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah, my first SHF!

I had opened the box and the detail is quite nice, almost like a SIC. There is some painting problem. SHF is getting bad to worse(but not for my G3). But…….. do we have any choices? even if we complain, what can we do? nothing. This is life.

I am still a passing by kamen rider and gunpla addict! remember that!

  1. dixaciser says:

    heehee, just complain moar.

  2. Aya says:

    Nice G3 One of my favorite rider although he is weak and loser 😦

    well if i complain to much, I won’t buy I have choice not to buy 😉

  3. FooLekPang says:

    then don buy ha

  4. rubyvijudai says:

    So will you still be getting any more SHF ?

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