HGUC Sinanju WIP 01

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yo, in case you do not know………. I am joining the HGUC Sinanju group build here. I forgot to say in the last post lol XD

Please click continue reading to view more. Thanks for your coperation!

Argh……… The ball joint is small!

Haha my Camcorder did not take good photos, actually, the gold does not looks nice. So……. in the end i use sticker lol XD

Only use sticker on the emblem. The rest is painted.

Head comparision

The trusters…….I painted in the pilot-brand silver marker which took a long time to dry it……I forgot about it then i accidentally touch so…… i plan to spray it which i am not sure when is it XD

Sorry for the blur picture and that is all guys. I am still a passing by kamen rider

remember that!

  1. Aya says:

    I confused >w< you said : "I painted in the pilot silver marker which took a long time to dry it" is there a pilot figure in this sinanju ? or you use silver 'pilot-brand' marker ??

  2. ZZBananaz says:

    can you pls do a comparison with the 00 Gundam after you’re finished with the Sinanju? 😛 nice wip!

  3. Wow! really blur bro. Getting a headache looking at the pictures! >.<

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