NEW LOOTS!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

cannot see properly? Click continue reading to see properly XD

GM cannon mass production(16.40SGD)25 percent off, I bought it from M-workshop

Guntank (13.50SGD) same, i also bought it from M-workshop 25percent off

This was my brother’s kit, I help him to buy it(22SGD) from HAG(Hobby art gallery)

WOW! I mantain my budget!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!! I went out with my friends Mena and zhi jian, I had a very good time with them. Oh yea by the way, Takashimaya no sales, but I think it will have around 22 November coz that date, it will host the world cup of gundams which i maybe joining!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t started on my diorama. I will be doing tomorow!!!!!!!( I guess)haha so stay tune! I am just a passing by kamen rider and gunpla addict remember that!!!!!!

  1. sl619 says:

    that’s some old kits u bought there. and cheap too!

  2. I just saw a sale Ad for Toy’s R Us (singapore) Starting Nov.10,2010

    1/144 Gundam SevenSwords only $24.95sgd (usual price $35sgd)

    1/60 PG Gundam RX178 MarkII $199.95 (usual price $365sgd)

    I wanted to buy the evenswords beacuse I already have the RX178.

    Grab your chance to this opportunity too while the promo is still on 😉

  3. mangyver5223 says:

    I want that guntank and guncannon! Never found here >.<

  4. hiroy_raind says:

    agh, I wanted that Hazel Custom ><

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