Posted: October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yo guys, I will be not buying any kamen rider or gundam for a few months as i buy too many stuff already. I am buying my bro marzz a revoltech blade liger. I also buying myself a SIC decade but have not arrive yet i think………… my exam papers came out and………………….. I fail 2 subject Geograhy and science  and fail quite badly so next year i had to study harder!!!!!!!!!

till next post I am a kamen rider n gunpla addict remember that!!!!

  1. chubbybots says:

    Wah revoltech blade liger!! Nice get for your bro man. But study harder for your exams man next time !

  2. Mena. says:

    Jyjy.;D ehh. I found a good place to get revoltech stuff.wan go together during holiday? ;D

  3. sl619 says:

    all the best bro! looking forward to a review of ur SIC Decade. hehe

  4. Aya says:

    All the best for you good luck for your study.
    a SIC decade I thought your Big brother already have one right ? wait it’s SH.figuarts hahaha

  5. rubyvijudai says:

    Congrats in passing,well all the best for your next year XD

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