00 gundam(designer colour phrase 03) (complete form)

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Lets continued from the phrase 01

first stop: i will paint it grey

as you can see there is lots of grey around it and it

is very urgly

and after clearing it away and i painted below

puting it in the clear green

on the hand too

wait a sec, where is the head?

oh there is is

prototype of 00 gundam

i fix the parts to put the gn drive

i painted it green looks nice!

looks like i have to help 00 gundam

i have to help himm again haizzzz

complete! now go 00 gundam!!!!!

a little story ny me hope you guys enjoy till next post!!!!!!

  1. Aya says:

    hahahaha and yeah Bandai barely include beam part in nowdays kit 😦 .

  2. Donny says:

    haha. i like the story a lot but try to make the poses more dynamic and i’m sure it will be great. 😀

  3. tsukinari says:

    nice progress..

    LOL onore bandai for not inlcuding the beams ^^;;

  4. bd77 says:

    LoL~! I was surprised that 00 comes with NO beam saber parts when I got him… orz

    Not to worry… Uhh… Guys… You’re not going to use the extra saber part, are you not?…
    TK402(HGUC Jegan): Guessed not… Since we have only, one beam saber.
    TK2211 (HGUC Stark Jegan): Yeah. Give it to the little squirt. Hate to see a guy sulking.

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