Latest LOOTS!

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I get this 2 kits today just a while ago.

comparing the sizes(didn’t expec to be so big)

the box quality is like the same as the tt hongli boxes

3 bazooka?

it is dam obvious that is made in china

the parts is alot

the decal(oh shit, i forgot to show the other head but nvm i will show next time)

next, not really excited

the side of the box


oh ya i forgot to show this picture just now(above)

till next post.

  1. Aya says:

    tell me after you build that, I really curious if gundoom better than TT Hongli or not ?.
    LOL why not really excited with avalanche exia ?

  2. Aya says:

    and How about OO Q[ant] did you buy it ?

  3. Andrew says:

    Got Decal?
    Mine didn’t have =.=

  4. heathorn says:

    big plan for your Nu it seems, cool!
    what’s in the last pic?

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