LOOTS!!!!!!!!!! and a question

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

my brother suddenly came back from m workshop located at sunshine plaza and bught me this

btw some offer at HAG(hobby art gallery) my bro told me that my 00 raiser desingner colours 19.90 SGD WTH i bought for 24.90SGD WTF

it cost 7.90SGD specail offer?

it wrote 420 yen


looks like a SD hand

ABS unit 01?

made in china hmm just like the zoids model kit

btw can it use for sangokuden?

hope you guys can reply

till next post see ya!

  1. yeah you can use it for sangokuden. I have no idea how to mod them tho. you’ll have to ask the other bloggers =/

  2. sbhboi says:

    Naisu ~ Finally u had ur own option parts.

    Unit 1 usually looks better for ankle joints though, since from my opinion, the parts isn’t look cool to show it off. =)

    Better off for Unit 2 or 3 if bro wanna do the elbow & knee joints.

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